Karen Sprague Consulting was brought into existence and founded on the need for experience and expertise within the industrial hemp and cannabis industry. At Karen Sprague Consulting we strategically advise businesses, new enterprises, individuals, groups etc.  to secure them process knowledge, resources & services required for their short, medium and long-term success and sustainability within the ever growing and expanding industrial hemp and cannabis industry here in Oregon, US and globally.

Paramount to our client’s success is to partner them with companies, individuals, products, services or create processes that have successfully demonstrated themselves an industrial hemp and/or cannabis industry leader, pioneer, entrepreneur or practice in a specific discipline. We maintain strict adherence to the State laws and regulations for our clients. 

Karen Sprague is a 15 year hemp and cannabis activist, with 10+ years directing and building Oregon’s hemp and cannabis industry. She and her team offer the expertise and proficiency  for your cultivation, distribution, marketing and/or farming operation. Depending on whether our clients require basic or advance techniques we have the mastery and connections.