Ultimate In CBD Products

KSE CBD OIL is cultivated, processed, and packaged in Oregon.  CBD Full Spectrum Oil, Rich in Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids. Here at Karen Sprague Essentials our proven effectiveness is our focus on product purity, profile and potency.

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Blend Business with Culture for Success in Cannabis

   Product Selection: Know Your Customer (KYC) 
      Research, Technology & Development
      Market Analysis
   Business Start Up: Cost benefit analysis and more
   Market Analysis: Target Market & Target Audience
   Six Sigma: Lower your manufacturing costs
   Project/Program Management: 
     Create SOP's for repeatable and reproducible results
     Manage your Brand for success

Execute successful cannabis farming techniques as part of your overall sustainability strategy plan. 

Incorporate both risk avoidance and risk mitigating techniques. associated brand management, market analysis, farming: genetic selection, soil composition, water filtration, pest control, environmental over-spray and weather conditions.

NETWORKING (Culture + Business) 

Karen Sprague Consulting has a vast network of industry professional.... We connect our clients to cannabis industry experts and business they require. We remove the anxiety and uncertainty for our clients making introduction and navigating industry specialists and skilled professionals directly to clients.