Concentrates, Topicals, Tincture, Edibles, Flower

Medical, Recreational or hemp



Karen Sprague co-founded and created The CO2 Company, a cannabis processing extraction company in southern Oregon dedicated to providing the purest and cleanest cannabis products for patients and consumers. 

Karen Sprague Consulting solves our clients needs by navigating them to the best extraction method for their product(s). Some client build their own cannabis process facility based on scale and others leverage an existing processing plant.  At Karen Sprague Consulting we commit to utilizing the best pesticide screening in the industry and advanced quality control throughout the production process.  Our goal is for our clients to be synonymous with the cleanest cannabis products on the market. Karen Sprague Consulting also offers our clients products environmentally friendly and nontoxic, employing extensive third party testing beyond regulatory requirements including multiple test throughout production. 

has been successfully processing concentrates, topicals, edibles, tincture, flower, whole plant cannabis processing for Medical and Recreational markets for more years than it has been legal.